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I’m A Fool To Love You – Cornelius Eady

There are poems that make you want to talk back to them and hold a conversation to make things different or agree that they’re the same.  I’m a Fool To Love You by Cornelius Eady is one of those poems.  … Continue reading

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Choose Your Obsessions – #SiddharthAnand

A gift that’s not really a gift at all—”Trojan Horses/They bind you.”  Anand speaks very clearly about natural instincts that can become obsessions and thwart our lives.  I have a reminder for myself which is “not to break my own … Continue reading

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in the wake of poseiden – Billy Corgan

Whether or not you are familiar with Smashing Pumpkins’ front man Billy Corgan, one thing is certain, he is a masterful lyricist. Is it coincidence that he is also a great poet, or does it just naturally follow since lyrics are poetry? Tonight, I present a poem from … Continue reading

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As The Poems Go – Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski is sometimes stereotypically thought of as “a man’s poet.” However, I’m here to say that he’s “a woman’s poet” too!  Strong in voice and tone, he writes about more “manly” subjects (some of which resonate deeply with women) like beer, … Continue reading

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Educate Not (Really?) – Sharon Esther Lampert

Well, Educate Not is quite an honest portrayal of our Education System.  Perhaps certain utterances are a little too piercing.  Sharon Esther Lampert breaks my own silence when she says “No time to teach…No time to learn/All by myself, I … Continue reading

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Poetry – Pablo Neruda

Poetry is not just about reading and rhyming words, when you take a moment to think about it, you can find poetry in just about anything in life. Think about the poetry of commuting, and trains glidding artistically to and from the … Continue reading

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Approach of Winter – William Carlos Williams

With the passing of Thanksgiving we are all reminded winter is well on its way. For one moment I want us to forget about the obligation of the season and stop to appreciate the beauty of nature that comes with winter. William Carlos Williams is brilliant at summoning … Continue reading

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