Choose Your Obsessions – #SiddharthAnand

trojan horse1

A gift that’s not really a gift at all—”Trojan Horses/They bind you.”  Anand speaks very clearly about natural instincts that can become obsessions and thwart our lives.  I have a reminder for myself which is “not to break my own heart” and that’s exactly what excess can do.  Anand says “After the Tsunami/You wonder why you were destroyed/By your own army…”   What comes to mind are old sayings like “Be sure to get out of your own way and “You are your own worst enemy.”  In this poem, I really enjoyed the repetitious use of  “Choose your obsessions/For they are unworthy possessions” as these verses are not only the soul of the poem, but they give it a lyrical quality that lightens the mood.  It embraces freedom of choice as opposed to a predetermined future.  If I choose to think back on the best and worst of my life, I must admit that much of both was a result of decisions made…based on an obsession.  What is an obsession to me?  The fear of losing what I had or the fear of not getting what I wanted—Obsession.  What about you?  As always, thank you for staying with Sharon and The Write Talk!

Choose Your Obsessions

Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions
Trojan horses
They bind you
Without you realizing
They hinder your natural design
And make you completely blind

Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions;
They are the weeds,
You; yourself choose to grow.
Some seeds are rotten..
Still you keep them, them, you don’t throw.

And after the tsunami
You wonder why you were destroyed
By; your own army…

Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions;
They determine; the extent of your regression…
Although we must All have some,
Eggs turn into chickens
Choose your obsessions
For they are impressions
Which can determine your future
& Tomorrow’s positions
The journey; and the final decision.

Choose your obsessions
For they are unworthy possessions

Siddharth Anand

About sharonsbooks

I am a practical and contemporary urban writer who focuses on readers/participants who are high school age youth and adults. Although I currently write fiction and poetry, I am inspired to write about social and political issues in the sometimes subtle and other times blatant way that they are present in our everyday lives. I love humor and I strive to expand the thought process and create positive change. I realize today, in the scheme of things, that I know only a little. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t share what I’ve learned as I continue to develop my own growth process. In all my writings, I’ve always sought to convey a message from my spiritual center. This keeps me broad-minded regarding diversity and a willingness to learn from anyone and everyone.
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1 Response to Choose Your Obsessions – #SiddharthAnand

  1. Interesting, probing and a heart provoking. I understand cognitively, but my heart is drawn to sorts of illness, which mix my obsessions with my needs. Life is always a balance. What is need and what is obsession? At some point I come to respect my damaged past and have to accept some obsessions are semi-permanate (leaving out the odd ‘miricle.’) Finding the perfect balance, negotiation between what I know is good and what my heart cries for is the goal…Just sayin’ xoxo

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