As The Poems Go – Charles Bukowski


Charles Bukowski is sometimes stereotypically thought of as “a man’s poet.” However, I’m here to say that he’s “a woman’s poet” too!  Strong in voice and tone, he writes about more “manly” subjects (some of which resonate deeply with women) like beer, girls, and writing poetry during the early morning hours, after long nights of drinking. Bukowski copes with the reality (or even disappointment) of life through his poetry, and at times sounds like he is declaring a rant against one of life’s misfortunes. His prose, however, is beautiful in all its ruggedness and strikes a cord with his reader.

In As The Poems Go, one of Bukowski’s more gentle poems, I’m inspired by the images he draws on, and the impact they have on life’s work of poetry, “…the rain, the sunlight,/the traffic, the nights and the days of the/years, the faces.” We get a taste of his existential attitude when he declares, “leaving this will be easier than living it.” He displays the pure essence of poetry in the line that follows,”typing one more line now as/a man plays a piano through the radio.” He pulls the reader into the room where he is, and we can see him sensing his raw emotion in the room. What do you see or feel as you go over this poem? As always – Stay with Sharon and The Write Talk!

As The Poems Go

as the poems go into the thousands you                                                                                             realize that you’ve created very                                                                                                            little.                                                                                                                                                           it comes down to the rain, the sunlight,                                                                                              the traffic, the nights and the days of the                                                                                           years, the faces                                                                                                                                   leaving this will be easier than living                                                                                                it, typing one more line now as                                                                                                             a man plays a piano through the radio,                                                                                           the best writers have said very                                                                                                        little                                                                                                                                                          and the worst                                                                                                                                             far too much.

~Charles Bukowski

About sharonsbooks

I am a practical and contemporary urban writer who focuses on readers/participants who are high school age youth and adults. Although I currently write fiction and poetry, I am inspired to write about social and political issues in the sometimes subtle and other times blatant way that they are present in our everyday lives. I love humor and I strive to expand the thought process and create positive change. I realize today, in the scheme of things, that I know only a little. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t share what I’ve learned as I continue to develop my own growth process. In all my writings, I’ve always sought to convey a message from my spiritual center. This keeps me broad-minded regarding diversity and a willingness to learn from anyone and everyone.
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  1. ?? Dunno if the intro turned me off so much,..or just not my cup of tea..? Thought I’d take a moment to comment, even if it’s a negative vibe (oh no!).

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