Grand Finale – Najai (The Logical Poetist)

Grand Finale is one of those poems that you read over and over again and you keep finding a new depth and dimension in your own life experience.  At least that’s how it is for me.  Logical Poetist, thank you for casting a radiant glow on my progressing years.  This is no Dove commercial concerned with external aesthetics for the mature woman.  Only those who have done interior construction can apply for this work.  Here, I am reminded again that it is on the mountaintop where I sing (“No more racing, gracefully pacing /humbly giving mightily living”), but it’s in the valley where I grow (“leaky pen, torn pages.../shattered emotions dry bones”).  Beautiful, gracious and honest!  What are your thoughts?  As always – Stay with Sharon and The Write Talk!

Grand Finale

Leaky pen, torn pages
representative of soul sages
shattered emotions dry bones
defines wisdom and ages
desperate voice crying aloud
experiences few are proud

strong hands of hard work
smiles that speak to a minimal play
raging memory wrinkled roses
internal butterflies
metaphoric vision helps hide
alidad captures the truth inside
behind all the isms and false defines

Attempted robbery, of spiritual high
lies, lies ,cries, cries
streaming tears from souls flask
embellished result.. bask.. bask

leaky pens still extend,
pages whole souls blend
torn no more healed emotions
lubricated bones not sore
age now giving birth to wisdom
soul sages baked pages
setting stages, aromatic release

knowledgeable increase
meditation displays answers
revelation forces reflection
elation of buried complications
No more judgements God in me
simply put… sufficient
No more racing, gracefully pacing
humbly giving mightily living

(C) logicalpoetist February 2010


About sharonsbooks

I am a practical and contemporary urban writer who focuses on readers/participants who are high school age youth and adults. Although I currently write fiction and poetry, I am inspired to write about social and political issues in the sometimes subtle and other times blatant way that they are present in our everyday lives. I love humor and I strive to expand the thought process and create positive change. I realize today, in the scheme of things, that I know only a little. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t share what I’ve learned as I continue to develop my own growth process. In all my writings, I’ve always sought to convey a message from my spiritual center. This keeps me broad-minded regarding diversity and a willingness to learn from anyone and everyone.
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