Sharon’s Write Talk

Welcome to ” Sharon’s Write Talk!”  I love sharing what different excerpts of poetry mean to me and hearing about what they mean to you in your life.  This blog is not so much about the scholarly interpretation of “what the poet means,” but our interpretation of the poetry for our lives.  The poet is doing or has done his or her own healing, laughing, growing and sharing.  Let’s do ours here!  Please feel free to comment on the poetry excerpt provided or share with us one of your own.  However, please be sure to identify the author and book or poem title.  Cheers!


About sharonsbooks

I am a practical and contemporary urban writer who focuses on readers/participants who are high school age youth and adults. Although I currently write fiction and poetry, I am inspired to write about social and political issues in the sometimes subtle and other times blatant way that they are present in our everyday lives. I love humor and I strive to expand the thought process and create positive change. I realize today, in the scheme of things, that I know only a little. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t share what I’ve learned as I continue to develop my own growth process. In all my writings, I’ve always sought to convey a message from my spiritual center. This keeps me broad-minded regarding diversity and a willingness to learn from anyone and everyone.
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